Heap Leach Crushing Plant

Dunkirk, France to Australia, Turkey, Canada, Africa, and S. California


In 2018 Orano needed to off-load an Imouran 20,000 TPD heap leach crushing plant which was initially intended for a canceled project in Africa. The equipment was stored in a large warehouse in France.


AM King spent several months inventorying, analyzing, and ironing out Tax issues with Orano (French Government-owned entity). An agreeable acquisition price, terms and storage arrangement was negotiated. After acquisition, AMK began selling the assets.


During the course of the 2020 and 2021 calendar year, AMK managed to sell and ship 75% of the assets stored in Dunkirk. Buyers of these unused assets included mining operations in Australia, Turkey, Canada, Africa, and S. California. The remaining 25% of assets stored in Dunkirk were then sold through an auction managed by AM King and their strategic partner in the auction market.