December 2015 Happy Holidays From AM King Industries Inc







December 2015



Happy Holidays From A.M. King Industries, Inc


To our A.M. King Customers & Partners,

A.M. King would like to thank our customers and partners for a successful 2015.  We wish you and your families a Happy Holidays.

This past year, A.M. King has supplied quality pre-owned and unused equipment to projects in the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Africa, Brazil and South Africa.  Our equipment options have helped projects reduce capital costs, receive approval for funding, become operational earlier than planned and prevent further downtime with immediate spare parts availablity. 

View all the latest A.M. King news and updates in our News Section.  

In addition, A.M. King has added multiple unused Crushing and Grinding options to inventory from cancelled projects giving our customers another option when considering pre-owned.   

A.M. King has also acquired multiple 300 TPD - 10,000 TPD Process Plants available for shipping and construction complete with mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and original engineering.  From our Consignment Division, we've added un-used Grinding and Crushing Circuits available from 15,000 TPD to 60,000 TPD.   

Whether you have mining and processing equipment requirements for your project or have surplus assets available for sale, we look forward to working with you in 2016.  

Warmest Wishes From All of Us at A.M. King Industries, Inc




A.M. King Industries, Inc - USA
Oroville, California, USA

A.M. King Industries, Inc - Asia
Best Machinery - Cebu, Philippines

A.M. King Industries, Inc - Australia
AussieQuip - Perth, Australia

Additional Equipment is stored near all major mining markets including Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe & Africa.