March 2014 Ball Mill Update (2) METSO 13.5' X 28' (4.1m X 8.53m) Ball Mills 2,800HP (2,059KW) Motors Each

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October 2013 Inventory Update

(2) METSO 13.5' X 28' (4.1m X 8.53m) Ball Mills 2,800HP (2,059KW) Motors Each

(2) METSO 13.5' X 28' (4.1M X 8.53M) BALL MILLS 2,800HP (2,059KW) MOTORS EACH


Units Dismantled, Match Marked, Packed and Stored
Dismantling Process Supervised by Metso Minerals

Stored in Delaware, USA

Operating Manuals, Technical Drawings & Inspection Report Available

Consignment Services

Does your organization need assistance selling a plant or equipment?  A.M. King can assit with either purchasing the equipment or selling the equipment on consignment.

A.M. King assists both large and small operations to dispose of their surplus assets.  A.M. King uses their global contacts within engineering and mining companies in addition to both internet and traditional marketing to sell your equipment.


  • Equipment Inspection & Valuation
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Execution
  • Sales Negotiation & Transactions


A.M. King offers multiple commission structure depending on your organization’s timeframe, expected return and current market conditions.


Typical consignment services contracts are 6 - 18 Months depending on the specialty of the equipment and demand for similar equipment.

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