A Shift in Alabama Coal Mining

July 17, 2015


We never have to look too far to find examples of the ever-shifting world of mining, specifically coal mining.


A recent online series took a close look at the mining sector in the state of Alabama. Metallurgical coal (met coal) is the primary coal mined in Alabama. It’s tied to the steel industry. Met coal is sold to steel or coke producers to be used in the integrated steel making process.


We can almost draw a connection between the coal and the steel industries. It’s been decades since U.S. Steel employed hundreds of thousands of Americans.


In recent years, demand has dropped from American steel in favor of cheaper steel from South Korea and China. This has had a major impact on coal mining in Alabama. Steelmakers in Alabama are also feeling the pinch.


Sales prices for the Alabama mining region have been on a huge downslide, going as low as $52.43 per short ton this past June. That’s down $88 per ton from just two years ago.


The online series also took a look at how much coal production has fallen in Alabama in the last 25 years.


Coal mining equipment still needs to be reliable. There is no way to cut corners with such equipment. It’s crucial to find a trusted provider of equipment.