Allis Chalmers Mining Equipment

In the 1840's a company began in Milwaukee, Wisconsin called E.P. Allis that specialized in waterwheels, sawmills and grindstones. After merging with other firms the company became Allis Chalmers and branched out to begin manufacturing farm equipment, steam engines and industrial equipment. The company played a major role in both World War One and World War Two by manufacturing building pumps for uranium separation and electric motors for US Navy submarines. In 1930 the company began to design and build ore crushing equipment for the worldwide mining industry and today they are well known for high quality ball mills, gyratory crushers and sag mills. At A.M. King we carry an extensive collection of Allis Chalmers used mining equipment at great price so businesses in the mining industry can stay on schedule when mining for ore.


Today the mining industry is very familiar with the Allis Chalmers brand name and many mining projects will feature Allis Chalmers ball mills, sag mills and gyratory crushers. Know for high quality equipment that is rugged and durable, Allis Chalmers is one of the most sought after brand names in the mining equipment aftermarket and at A.M. King we do our best to provide those in the mining industry a great selection of new and used Allis Chalmers equipment.


Because of changing economic factors Allis Chalmers sold its farming equipment division to a German firm in 1985 and spun off most of its manufacturing business in 1998 before forming Allis-Chalmers Energy in 1999 in Houston, Texas. Though no longer responsible for producing new mining equipment the construction and efficiency of Allis-Chalmers mining equipment makes the brand name highly sought after and many mining sites feature Allis Chalmers ball mills, sag mills and crushing equipment.


The Japanese steel conglomerate Kobe Steel manufactures several products that use Allis-Chalmers technology to produce high quality ball mills and crushing equipment and many mining equipment pieces can be found under the name Kobe Allis Chalmers or Allis Chalmers-Kobe Steel.