An Economic Mining Boost in Chile

May 1, 2015


In many areas, the mining industry needs all the help it can get. There is an economic boost in Chile, designed to help infuse some energy to a lagging industry.


The country’s economic development agency has started a special program involving mining companies, suppliers, academics and the state to address the mining sector’s current productivity challenges. This includes power issues, lack of innovation and mounting operational costs.


Speaking of operational costs, one way to cut down on those costs is to make smart choices in mining equipment purchases.


A.M. King delivers reliable used mining equipment like grinding mills and crushing equipment. This equipment is one way to keep safety in check and operational costs consistent. A.M. King has a large selection of used and un-used grinding equipment, including ball mills, SAG mills, rod mills and vertical mills.


A.M. King also carries an extensive collection of used crushers and crushing equipment. This includes gyratory crushers, jaw crushers and impact crushers. These crushers are used in mining, drilling, excavation and other mining projects.


Mining companies in Chile are certainly looking to maximize all they can within their budgets. Currently, Chile imports nearly 76% of the products required by the country’s mining industry. One of the goals of this new mining program is to have the country export $10 billion in mining properties in the next 20 years.