Benefits of Used Rod Mills

Very similar to ball mills rod mills are another type of grinding equipment that use long rods for grinding media. Generally rod mills are more efficient than ball mills since the desired ore product is achieved at a lower cost per ton. However rod mills aren’t cheap and if you want your mining project to stay on schedule and within the original budget consider investing in used rod mills to get the job done at a much lesser cost.

Used rod mills are a great choice for many mining and excavation projects. Grinding rods do not need cascading like ball charges so the rod mill can be operated at much lower peripheral speeds than a ball mill. Also, less void space exists in a rod mill so there is more grinding contact between metal and ore per surface area which results in lower steel consumption per ton.

If you have a mining or dig project that will require the use of a rod mill or rod mills think carefully about the costs and look in to purchasing used rod mills. When you buy brand new grinding equipment you not only pay a high price but also have to wait for the equipment to be delivered. Depending on where your dig site is and where the equipment is shipping from this can result in serious lag time that your project can’t afford. With used rod mills you not only save money but also get your equipment delivered faster since it doesn’t have to go through the same purchasing processes as buying brand new.

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