Calls for a Mining Ban

February 25, 2015


A former client scientist for NASA is joining a chorus of voices calling for a ban on new coal mines in one valley in Australia.


James Hansen and 21 other people are asking the New South Wales government to ban coal mines in Hunter Valley. The group says the lives of coal miners are being put at risk.


A letter to the New South Wales Premier raises concerns about health impacts from air pollution, underground water degradation and "climate changes" from the release of greenhouse gases. The letter goes on to say that people's health is at risk because of "declining air quality associated with coal mining, transportation and combustion."


Hansen is considered one of the first scientists to bring attention to the issue of climate change.


There is no word yet if a coal mining ban is pending or will be approved.


The big thing to remember is just how important mining safety is and how the mining industry is always changing. There will be changes to regulations, hopefully geared towards safety.


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