Copper Mining Equipment

Because of the need for copper many mining operations are devoted to mining and processing this ductile metal. Copper is used for electricity conductors, water pipes, weather stripping and just about every appliance in a home or office. Extracting copper from its ores involves a series of chemical, physical and electrochemical processes as well as ore crushing and a conversion from sulfides to oxides before it undergoes numerous refining processes. The main objective with metallurgic treatment of copper ore is separating ore minerals from gangue minerals in the rock. In most cases copper will make up less than 2% of the total volume of the ore rock so it is important to crush rocks thoroughly to get the valuable copper.

Since breaking apart rocks is a main portion of a copper mining project crushing equipment is going to be very important. From jaw crushers and gyratory crushers to complete crushing plants and hammermills A.M. King provides a wide selection of high quality crushers that will be able to decrease solid mined ore to specified particle sizes through continuous compression and grinding. Because copper makes up very little of rock samples it is necessary to finely crush the rock to extract the valuable copper from the gangue minerals within the rock. We have crushing equipment in many models from several top brand name manufacturers including Symons-Nordberg cone crushers, Allis Chalmers jaw crushers and Traylor Bulldog gyratory crushers.

Once the rock containing copper is sufficiently crushed it then goes through a process of being transported from the mine to vibrating screens that size and distribute the classified ore to a series of conveyors for further processing. At A.M. King we feature a wide selection of feeding and conveyor equipment including belt feeders, vibrating feeders and spare parts for many models of conveyor belts and feeders so you have the equipment you need to successfully extract copper from ores and separate it to your exact standards.