Developing an Industrial Coal Mining Region

July 10, 2015


There was some recent positive mining industry news coming out of Poland. The country's government approved a multi-billion-euro plan late last month, designed to stimulate a coal mining region in Poland. The hope is that it will also stimulate the area's job market.


The industrial region of Silesia has been struggling recently. According to government leaders, there have been complaints of lost jobs and neglect. Many coal mines are struggling to survive or are already closed. Unemployment was around 20 percent.


Underlining all of this news is the fact that Poland is Europe's major user and producer of coal. In fact, most of the country's energy is based on coal.


The newest plan calls for tax exemptions for industries using coal and loans for modernizing Ukraine's coal-based power plant in the hopes of increasing for coal from Poland. There will also be funding for developing technology that will turn coal into gas and lower carbon emissions. Funds will also be designated to develop rail and road infrastructure.


Better infrastructure and updated technology seems like a sure bet to help the struggling industry. The equipment used in mining operations is also vital, and it's an area where safety and reliability must remain paramount. A.M. King Industries specializes in high quality used mining equipment. It has global sales offices around the world to better serve the global mining community.