Dust Collectors

Mining, excavation and dig sites are notorious for dust and debris. Ensuring good air quality at a site is important for both employees and equipment since dust can easily cause breathing problems and disrupt the function of mining equipment. At A.M. King we offer a wide variety of duct collecting equipment including bag dump systems, dust collectors, filters and scrubbers to keep your site safe. Grinding, crushing and pulverizing lead to a lot of dust and if left untreated this dust can become hazardous. We offer a range of high quality mining dust equipment from top brand name manufacturers including Calvert, Pneumafil, Torit, DCE-Volks, Ducon, Micro-Pulsaire, Joy, Carter Day, Flex Kleen, MAC and Beverly Pacific. Find the best in used mining equipment at A.M. King and keep the air quality at your site in line with environmental regulations.