Environmental Concern over an Historic Mine

September 1, 2015


An historic mine in Arizona could soon be under new ownership. However, there are already environmental concerns.


Some are wondering why a mining company has decided to buy the 300-acre Trench Camp mine from the Ascarco Multi-State Environmental Custodial trust.


AZ Mining Inc., plans to make the purchase. The company was previously known as Wildcat Silver. The company says the name change was made to better reflect the company’s commitment to Arizona.


Members of the Patagonia Area Resource Alliance say the Trench Camp mine has been quiet for decades and that mining at the underground mine stopped nearly 50 years ago.


The area has been hit with heavy rain over the last year and that’s caused acidic water filled with toxic metals to overflow into nearby waterways. Six violations of state water quality rules were issued as a result.


The mine in question sits adjacent to 154 acres of private land holdings already owned by AZ Mining. The company says it plans to build a $2.6 million passive water treatment system in the area. The company says it will not come at a cost to taxpayers.


There will likely remain environmental concerns and it will be interesting to see if there is any fallout once the purchase is complete and mining operations get underway.