Finding The Best Used Mining Equipment

If you work in mining or excavation you know how important it is to have the right equipment on site when you need it most. Because of the physical nature of mining projects even the toughest of equipment can break down under constant wear and tear and it's always a good idea to know a trusted used mining equipment supplier you can count on for high quality ball mills, sag mills, crushing equipment and grinding equipment. At A.M. King we strive to offer the best mining equipment at competitive prices so you can keep your dig site, excavation site or mining site working on schedule. We offer many top brand name manufacturers including Metso, Allis Chalmers, Symons-Nordberg and Krupp. From ship loaders and jaw crushers to belt feeders and vacuum trucks, A.M. King is your source for the best in used mining equipment.


Unlike retail operations and many businesses, mining isn't exactly a common industry and finding high quality equipment for your project can be daunting. Even worse, when you're under deadline and need to stay within a budget malfunctioning equipment can delay a project for days and even weeks as you not only search for a piece of equipment but also wait for it to be delivered. Many mining managers end up buying new equipment thinking it will be easier but this means a higher cost and long wait times as the equipment may be coming from overseas and has to go through lengthy customs checks. Buying used mining equipment to keep project s in schedule is easy when you shop the huge selection of ball mills, sag mills, rod mills and concrete pump systems at A.M. King.


Many companies offer used mining equipment but the quality can be suspect and others will neglect to tell you the specs of a particular machine or who the manufacturer is. This information can be crucial in your decision making and at A.M. King we give thorough information about the used mining equipment we sell so you know exactly what you're getting. We've been helping miners and shipping companies since 1979 and with our growing list of dealers and international contacts we are confident we can offer the best used mining equipment available and if there is something you need that you can't find in our online inventory feel free to contact us direct and we'll do our best to locate the part. Don't waste time and money buying new or searching scrap sites, fined the best used mining equipment at A.M. King.