Gold Mining Equipment

With the price of gold on the rise it's easy to see why so many gold mining operations are under way. This precious metal has been mined for centuries in locations such as Australia, Alaska, South Africa, China and Canada. Most of the world's gold is mined from hard rock and this requires high quality gold mining equipment to extract the gold and separate it from rocks and other ore with the use of conveyors, feeders and vibrating screens. At AM King we carry a wide selection of reliable and rugged gold mining equipment that can be used to assist in your gold mining operation.


Mining for gold in hard rock involves a milling process that includes sorting the ore, crushing the rock and extracting the gold. This means several pieces of mining equipment will be needed to perform the operation including conveyor belts to haul the ore and rock from the underground site, washing equipment to filter out fragments and ball mills to crush the fragments into a consistency of fine sand. Other equipment that may be used during gold mining includes shaker screens, feeders and filter presses.


At AM King we feature a great selection of mining equipment that can be used for gold mining from top brand name manufacturers including Nordberg, Krupp, Metso and EIMCO. From the initial extraction of mining ore to the thickening and mixing process that creates the liquid sludge we have high quality used gold mining equipment that will help your company get the most gold from a dig site. Since separation plays a major role in gold mining we offer a great selection of vibrating and double deck screens to thoroughly mining media so you can isolate the valuable gold you are looking for.


Getting ore from underground mines to the surface where the gold mining process can continue requires high quality conveyor equipment and at AM King you'll find a great selection of lattice and roller conveyors, material diverters, backstops and metal detectors that will make the gold mining process more efficient. Feeding equipment is another piece of mining equipment that is essential to gold mining and at AM King you'll find plenty of vibrating feeders, grizzly feeders and spare parts for feeders that will assist in feeding mining ore to crushing and grinding equipment.