Mesto Sag Mills

At AM King we strive to bring the best mining equipment possible which is why we feature a number of Metso brand sag mills for autogenous and semi-autogenous grinding in the primary stage of the grinding process. Using small iron and steel balls, sag mills feature a rotating drum that makes a cascade motion so the balls eventually grind down mining ore. Metso is one of the most trusted names in the mining equipment industry and at AM King we are constantly adding used and unused Metso sag mills to our collection of grinding equipment.

Sag mills can be used to grind down a variety of mining ores including gold, platinum and copper. Primarily used as a primary or first stage grinding solution, sag mills use a minimal ball charge of 6-15%. Essentially autogenous mills, sag mills use grinding balls to aid in grinding and SAG is an acronym for semi-autogenous grinding. Unlike ball mills, sag mills have a large diameter and short length and can also be used for grinding mining ore including lead, zinc, silver, aluminum and nickel.

AM King has become a recognized leader in supplying high quality mining equipment for many operations and we carry Metso sag mills that are ideal for primary stage grinding applications. Whether your mining operation needs and autogenous or semi-autogenous grinding mill browse our fine selection of Metso brand grinding mills to get the most efficient and productive grinding possible.