Mining Concerns in Australia

April 24, 2015


There are concerns about the strength of the mining industry in Australia. There are fears about the stability of the industry, particularly about the economic health of several junior mining companies in the country.


2015 has already seen several reports on the issue. Those reports outline how faith in Australian mining is dipping among investors.


Western Australia is home to some of the world’s most expansive copper mines and iron ore facilities.


One annual survey of mining companies released earlier this year, showed a drop in the rankings for Australian mining companies. Western Australia fell and was the only Australian territory to remain in the top ten in rankings. In fact, only two of Australia’s seven states fared better in the ranks over the one-year period.


As for the reasons for the downturn, most seem to be based in economics. Commodity prices are still low and the economic landscape remains volatile.


This makes the market tough for those junior mining companies. They don’t have the resources the larger companies do, yet still need to deal with a sluggish economy.


Safety can never be sacrificed for the bottom line. There are options for the junior companies. Used mining equipment should be looked at as an operation.


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