One Mining Group’s Request to the EPA

August 21, 2015


The National Mining Association is asking the Obama Administration to put a halt (for now, at least) to its climate change rule for power plants pending judicial review.


The NMA says the new rule from the Environmental Protection Agency is going to increase energy costs.


The president of the NMA says the EPA’s final clean power plan will not supply low-cost reliable power.


The EPA is asking states to formulate a plan to reduce carbon emissions by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030. Plans are due in September 2016. States that need more time will be able to ask for a two-year extension for final plan submissions. Compliance would begin in 2020 and emission reductions would be phased in gradually up to 2030.


The NMA also claims the climate change rules are likely to be reversed on appeal because Congress did not give the EPA power to restructure how the nation produces and consumes electricity.


The NMA sent a letter to the EPA saying, "Congress did not even give the Federal Energy Regularity Commission, much less EPA, that power."


90 percent of the coal mined and sold in the U.S. is for power generation. The NMA says the EPA rule would damage U.S. coal production and eliminate thousands of mining jobs.