Ontario to Invest in Mining Industry

October 3, 2014


The Ontario government released a statement earlier today outlining its plans to invest in mining industry research with the goal being the creation of jobs, a reduction in operating costs and improving safety for miners. This commitment is welcome news for an industry that suffered through a tumultuous summer that saw layoffs, strikes and several mining site accidents.


The funding will be provided through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) for two projects that will be lead by Sudbury-based research organizations.


One of the projects will be the design and creation of a mobile canopy system that will allow mining companies to develop tunnels faster while keeping workers and equipment safe. Another project will test filters to protect miners from pollutants that come from underground diesel equipment.


Michael Gravalle, Minister of Northern Development and Mines, and the NOHFC chair, said in a statement, "I am very pleased that the NOHFC is investing in innovative research in Northern Ontario. These projects will further advance Sudbury's position as a leader in mining services and supply sector. And they will have a large impact on underground workplaces and on the health and safety of underground workers".


Ontario is prepared to chip in $783,916 for the canopy project and another $100,000 for the diesel emissions test project.