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Aussiequip Pty Ltd is an Australian subsidiary to A.M. King Industries, Inc specializing in the purchase, marketing and sales of Pre-Owned mining machinery worldwide. Aussiequip is based in Perth, Australia.

Richard Coles, Manager Business 
Phone: +61 8 9389 8484
Mobile: +61 4 1990 2789

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Coles Mining, combined with its international partners, provide global, integrated marketing for redundant equipment assets.
We acquire our client’s used or redundant mineral processing equipment and then we market the equipment to our international customers who are commencing new mining projects.

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Rabin Worldwide

Rabin Worldwide provides comprehensive financial solutions for businesses in transition, from Fortune 500 companies and private industry, to financial institutions, receivers, trustees and courts. Our ability to evaluate, market, and sell surplus business assets has inspired the confidence of our clients and customers for over 50 years.