Renewable Power in Mining

March 12, 2015


Renewable power is becoming a popular topic in the mining industry. This means energy storage will also need to be discussed. There are a growing number of mining companies using renewable power to deal with higher power costs.


In 2014, a couple major mining firms announced plans for storage projects. The projects will include solar and wind power.


Glencore is one of those firms looking at renewable energy and energy storage. The company plans to use the combination of storage technologies, including hydrogen. This will be done in an effort to create wind power in artic conditions.


Glencore has an energy storage facility in northern Canada that is nearly complete. When it is complete, it is expected to reduce diesel consumption at one of the company’s mines by around 50 percent, according to the company. The facility is made up of a flywheel, batteries and an electrolyzer.


Mining companies may also be able to use technology to update and improve older mining facilities and mining areas. The National Resources Research Institute at the University of Minnesota may attempt to use water-filled pits as pumped hydro reserves.


Technology will help the mining industry adapt to changes within the industry. The commitment to outstanding mining equipment must never waver. Talk to A.M. King today about mining equipment and inspections.