Silver Mining Equipment

Silver is a precious metal that has rich history when it comes to mining. Originally separated from lead in the 4th millennium BCE silver began to be extracted from copper ores starting in the mid-15th century. Huge amounts of silver were brought over to Europe after the conquest of the Americas and to this day many silver deposits can still be found in Mexico, Bolivia and Peru. In fact, as of 2010 Mexico was the world's largest silver producer with 128.6 million troy ounces or roughly 17% of annual worldwide production.


Silver mining is also a big industry in the United States with silver deposits found in several states including Alaska, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Hampshire and Utah among others. On a global scale, silver mining is practiced in many areas including Central Europe, Australia and Kazakhstan. The runner –up to Mexico as the world's largest silver mining production is China with its rapid growth attributed mainly to byproduct production from primary base-metal mines.


Equipment Used in Silver Mining

In order to mine for silver several pieces of mining machinery are required. Silver can be extracted from ore by crushing, grinding, smelting or a chemical leaching process. The primary crusher used in silver mining is the jaw crusher with a cone crusher being employed for secondary crushing. After the initial crushing a ball mill is then used to grind silver ore to its final size. Silver can be mined from large open mines located on the service or in deep mine shafts. Explosives may be used in the initial stage to break up ore deposits and heavy earth moving equipment may also be needed to excavate deposits.


The A.M. King Difference

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