The State of Mining in Illinois

June 30, 2015


One coal mining safety instructor in Illinois is weighing in on the challenges facing the mining industry in his state.


Toy Dixon has been a coal mining safety instructor for the past six years and has been involved in the mining industry for 40 years.


His thoughts are tied to a recent Supreme Court decision. The high court recently ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency should have considered the cost of their regulations before setting toxic emissions rules.


The justices ruled the EPA unreasonably interpreted the Clean Air Act when it put limits on coal power plants. The Court ruled against EPA’s power plant mercury limits.


Dixon tells a local TV station the ruling is a start, but more must be done. He says some areas in the state are unable to burn coal because of the Clean Air Act and the chemical makeup of the state’s coal. He also says this is costing Illinois mining jobs and is having an impact on the economy. Dixon went on to say the coal mining industry has been in decline for some time in Southern Illinois.


Regulations will continue, as will debate about those regulations. The mining industry will always require safe equipment, including reliable used mining equipment.