Cone Crushers

A popular piece of crushing equipment that can be used for either primary or secondary crushing is a cone crusher. A cone crusher operates very much like a gyratory crusher only with less steepness in the crushing chamber and more parallel space between the crushing zones. Using a gyrating spindle covered in wear resistant material a cone crusher breaks down rock and other mining ore by squeezing the rock between the spindle and an enclosed concave hopper that is usually covered with manganese or a bowl liner. Once the rocks are broken the pieces fall to another level where it is crushed again and the process continues until the pieces are small enough to fit through the narrow gap opening at the bottom.

Cone crushers can be used for primary ore crushing when the materials are small such as pebbles and small rocks or as a secondary crusher to break apart lighter mining ore including limestone, granite and gravel. Cone crushers have several features that make it ideal for crushing jobs including a high capacity and less wear costs, a wide range of applications, easy maintenance and cleaning, a stable running performance and an easy operation process.

Because of the construction and design of cone crushers it is often difficult to ascertain the working condition of a used cone crusher when you are in the market to buy one. The working area of the manganese is often hidden from view, many bearings and bushings can’t be seen and various seals on the machinery are difficult to see and can wear and harden over time. If you are looking to purchase a used cone crusher for a mining site or ore processing plant make sure to get as much maintenance and repair information you can before purchasing so you know the history of the equipment. Also find out what the used cone crusher was used for prior to buying. If the crusher was used for primary crushing and you need it for secondary crushing chances are the parts inside will be well worn and not ideal for your needs. Allis Chalmers and Symons-Nordberg are two well known manufacturers of cone crushers so if you are looking to obtain a used cone crusher for your mining or dig site consider models by these companies.