LOT of UNUSED FLSMIDTH Containerized Sample Preparation and Analytical Lab Equipment


LOT of UNUSED FLSMIDTH Containerized Sample Preparation and Analytical Lab Equipment



Location:   North America

Manufacturer:   FLSMIDTH

LOT of UNUSED FLSMIDTH Containerized Sample Preparation & Analytical Lab Equipment

  • The system is a new, fully-operational, containerized, sample preparation and analytical laboratory. The laboratory is housed in two 40-foot shipping containers. One container holds the sample preparation equipment. A second container holds the sample staging and analysis equipment. And a third container holds all of the utilities for the other two units and provides additional room for an optional manual preparation station.
  • The sample preparation unit houses a 4-stage, linear sample preparation system. This system integrates the functions of a jaw crusher, sample splitter, pulverizing mill, and rotary sample divider. The system enables a single technician to process 10 samples per hour. The section includes drying facilities and movable tray racks to simplify handling of the dried samples.
  • The analytical unit supports chemical analysis. It includes a 6-foot scrub-down, fume hood for sample digestion. The unit provides room for such equipment as sample balances, microwave digestion units, sample dilution, neutralization equipment, and chemical analysis equipment (such as AA, ICP, and LECO).
  • The utility unit includes a dust collector, HVAC, water deionization, water heater, and power stabilization units.
  • Housed in (2) 40ft. and (1) 20ft Shipping Container
  • UNIT A (40ft) Container holds the Sample Preparation Equipment
  • 4-Stage Linear Sample Preparation System
  • FLSmidth Essa JC2501 Jaw Crusher
  • FLSmidth Essa LAS402 Linear Automation System
  • FLSmidth Variable Sample Splitter
  • Essa ABM2000 Autobatch Mill
  • Pulverizing Mill - FLSmidth Essa Model LM2 Laboratory Ring Mill with workstation
  • Rotary Sample Divider - Essa VSRTS & Infeed Hopper