Wisconsin Sand Mining

June 1, 2015


In Wisconsin, sand has become big business and mining companies are profiting because of it.


Yet, there are health concerns surrounding the mining of sand and its role in the fracking industry. The sand is used in fracking and Wisconsin’s abundance of sand has led to something of an economic boom. One local professor says 100 new sand mines have been put on line in just the last four years.


Before getting to the concerns, it’s best to understand the business and method of fracking.


Fracking is a process in which water and sand are pushed into a rock bed. The push opens a channel to get at oil and natural gas deposits. The deposits are usually ones where it had been previously hard to gain access.


There are environmental concerns associated with fracking. People who live near sand mining operations in Wisconsin say there are also lifestyle issues. Some residents say trucks are going by 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, some say they would move if offered proper compensation, just to get away from the noise.


The proper use of quality mining equipment can reduce safety risks and make for a more efficient mining operation.