Worldwide Storage Solutions

Let A.M. King assist you in finding proper storage to preserve and store your major mining and processing assets

A.M. King has built strong relationships with storage facilities around the world.  Whether we are storing equipment we own, or helping our clients locate the most economical storage solutions for their assets, A.M. King is able to leverage over forty years of experience storing large mining process and mobile equipment in major shipping hubs.  We specialize in providing storage solutions in remote locations where we have longstanding relationships and contracts with landowners and local businesses.  A.M. King provides storage solutions in places where experience and relationships are the key to keeping your assets safe and properly stored so they are ready to ship and install when the time comes.   


A.M. King Storage Locations World Wide

  • Corporate Headquarters - Oroville, CA USA

  • Storage Facility - Ensenada, Mexico

  • Storage Yard - Antwerp, Beligum

  • Storage Facility - Dakar, Senegal

  • Storage Facility - Cebu, Philippines

  • AussieQuip Sales Offices - Perth, Australia

  • Storage Facility - Sept-Îles, Quebec

  • Storage Facility - Durban, South Africa

  • Storage Facility - Antwerp, Belgium

  • Storage Facility - Nashville, Tennessee

  • Storage Yard - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  • Storage Yard - Savona, British Columbia

  • Storage Facility - Houston, Texas

  • Storage Yard - Seoul, South Korea

  • Storage Yard - Calgary, Canada

  • Storage Yard - Edmonton, Canada

  • Storage Facility - Eureka, Nevada

  • Storage Yard - Tucson, Arizona

  • Storage Facility - Nova Scotia

  • Storage Yard - Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Zhengzhou, Henan
  • Storage Facility - Vigo, Spain

  • Storage Facility - Istanbul, Turkey


A.M. King current has inventory stored in the following locations and would be happy to assist your company find the right storage solutions for your asset’s specific needs. 

  • Australia (Perth)

  • Belgium (Antwerp)

  • Brazil (Belo Horizonte)

  • Canada (Calgary, Alberta)

  • Canada (Savona, British Columbia)

  • Canada (Whitehorse, Yukon)

  • Canada (Yellownife, NWT)

  • Chile (Antifogasta)

  • Chile (Santiago)

  • Dominican Republic (Port of Rio Haina)

  • Ireland (Lisheen)

  • Liberia (Monrovia)

  • Netherlands (Flushing)

  • Norway (Kirkenes)

  • Nova Scotia (New Brunswick)

  • Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby)

  • Senegal (Dakar)

  • South Africa (Durban)

  • South Africa (Johannesburg)

  • Spain (Vigo)

  • USA (Baltimore)

  • USA (Houston, Texas)

  • USA (Oroville, California)

  • USA (Port of Los Angeles)