Surplus Asset Management System (SAMS)

Proactively identify, track, redeploy, and sell surplus equipment

Our intuitive and customizable platform offers unique and proactive approaches to maximizing return on your company’s surplus, idle, or soon to be idle mining assets.

Our system is designed to allow you to easily and efficiently communicate available surplus assets throughout your company.  Your customized and private web-based portal will improve visibility and promote increased transfers of assets within your organization, leading to cost savings that will significantly impact your bottom line. 

Additionally, with the click of a button you can mark an asset as available to the outside world. AM King’ sales and marketing team will tap into our global network to quickly and efficiently sell your asset on the open market, for the best price possible.

How it works…


A seamless process for surplus assets across your Enterprise

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Roles-based access based on responsibility
  • Automated tracking


And track critical information through our easy-to-use reporting tools. Answer questions like:

  • What are my assets?
  • Where are my assets?
  • How much are my assets worth?


Or repurpose your assets within your organization

  • Our automated tools make it easy to provide visibility into available equipment across the enterprise
  • If there is no internal use for a specific piece of equipment, AM King will tap into our global network and sell your asset for the best return possible

Enterprise-wide reporting and tracking tools

Easy to use asset List Reporting by Region, Site, Type, and Date

Advanced Search function to easily locate a surplus asset in your organization

We work on 100% commission-based structure...

If we do not sell your asset because you elected to sell assets to the outside world, you pay us nothing.

Easy, painless process...

We are available to catalog assets, prepare specifications, take photos, and manage the entire process start to finish.

Global reach...

We successfully market and sell equipment worldwide, relying on our extensive network, unmatched database, and world-class sales organization with over 50 years of industry specific experience.