How Mining and Sustainability Can Work Together

We’re dedicated to promoting sustainability in mining, recognizing its global importance. We empower mining stakeholders to make eco-conscious choices for a healthier planet and industry success. Responsible mining is vital for preserving Earth’s resources and ecosystems. By adopting green mining methods, we reduce environmental impact.


Our goal is to demonstrate how sustainable mining practices can help ESG scores and provide actionable guidance for aligning with global sustainability goals.

Choosing Mining Equipment Wisely

We're committed to educating mining pros on eco-friendly equipment choices, emphasizing efficiency and sustainability for wise investments.

Reducing Waste in Mining

Our aim is to underscore waste reduction's significance in mining, offering best practices, innovative tech, and industry examples for resource efficiency.

AM KING is proud to be a leader in assisting mining operations in supporting their ESG goals by buying and selling surplus mining equipment – repurposing equipment is key to building a more sustainable mining future.

A Crusher with 1,250 HP (919 kW)
can save over 300 Metric Tons of CO2.

A 6,300 HP (4,750 kW) SAG Mill can save
more than 825 Metric Tons of CO2.

What Is Sustainable Mining?

Sustainable mining encompasses efforts to minimize environmental, social, and economic impacts during mineral and metal extraction, driven by mounting pressure on mining companies to reduce their environmental footprint. A pivotal aspect of sustainable mining involves using pre-owned mining equipment, which significantly lowers the industry’s carbon footprint and reduces the need for new equipment production. Procuring used mining equipment from reputable suppliers, such as AM King, not only promotes sustainable operations by saving costs but also aligns with global emissions reduction goals. Prioritizing the adoption of used mining equipment in development initiatives can yield positive social outcomes. This approach benefits local communities by enhancing environmental well-being and overall quality of life. Moreover, mining companies’ reuse and repurposing of equipment can address waste disposal issues and potentially boost regional economies. AM King frequently facilitates such transactions, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible mining industry.

How Used Mining Equipment Boosts Sustainability

Retiring or reselling mining equipment instead of manufacturing new gear reduces energy and resource consumption, curbing carbon emissions and showcasing responsible mining practices. Sustainable mining, aided by used equipment, benefits local communities by mitigating environmental impacts. Transparency through sustainability reports bolsters trust with stakeholders and supports global mining sustainability. Sustainable mining safeguards resources, promotes eco-friendly living, and advances environmental responsibility. Mining companies can enhance sustainability through eco-assessments, responsible closures, and green technology investments, reducing their environmental footprint. Sustainable mining is feasible and essential for our planet’s future, with the industry leading in environmental responsibility and economic growth. AM King, a mining equipment leader, champions a more sustainable industry.

How Can Your Mining Company Be More Sustainable?

Mining companies must prioritize minimizing their negative impacts, utilizing surplus equipment, harnessing renewable energy sources for operations, and implementing efficient water management practices. These steps are crucial for reducing their environmental footprint. Additionally, investments in recycling programs and resource reuse initiatives are essential. To build trust with stakeholders and demonstrate their commitment to environmental preservation, mining companies should maintain transparency in their efforts. Many of our partnering mining companies are at the forefront of adopting improved practices, showcasing that it’s possible to extract minerals and metals while safeguarding the environment and promoting sustainable living. Mining companies have the potential to lead in sustainable development and environmental responsibility by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing water usage, and practicing responsible waste management.