Surplus Asset Management System (SAMS)

SAMS aims to optimize surplus asset management by providing an intuitive platform for identification, tracking, internal redeployment, and external sale. The system enhances visibility, promotes cost-saving internal transfers, and utilizes AM King’s global network for efficient external sales, maximizing returns on mining assets.

Advanced Search

Utilize our Advanced Search function to quickly locate surplus assets within your organization.

Generate Streamlined Asset Reports

Generate straightforward asset list reports based on Region, Site, Type, and Date with user-friendly functionality.

Global Reporting & Tracking Tools

Gain access to a robust set of enterprise-wide reporting and tracking tools.


Streamline surplus asset management within your enterprise with our intuitive and user-friendly platform. Enjoy role-based access control tailored to responsibilities and automated asset tracking for a seamless process.

Discover Asset Insights

Easily uncover and monitor vital data using our user-friendly reporting tools. Get answers to crucial questions such as asset valuation, location, and asset details with ease.


Effortlessly sell or repurpose assets with our automated tools, providing seamless visibility across your organization. If an asset lacks internal use, trust AM King’s global network to maximize your returns.

Surplus Asset Management Systems (SAMs)

Global reach: With over 50 years of industry-specific experience, we market and sell equipment worldwide through our extensive network and unmatched database. Our 100% commission-based structure ensures you pay us only when we deliver results. Plus, our painless process covers everything from asset cataloging to full management, giving you peace of mind.

Enterprise-wide reporting

Streamline your operations with enterprise-wide reporting and tracking tools.

Effortless Asset List Reporting

Simplify asset management with easy-to-use reporting by region, site, type, and date.

Streamlined Surplus Asset Search

Effortlessly find surplus assets in your organization with our advanced search function.