Logistics & Tax

AM KING uses our extensive experience to provide assistance to our clients

AM KING uses our extensive experience purchasing, reselling and exporting mining process equipment from countries around world to provide assistance to our clients on a number of services.

Dismantle of Equipment

AM KING has extensive experience dismantling process plants from global and remote locations with challenging logistics. Our teams know what to plan for to safely dismantle Mills, Crushers and Ancillary equipment. Depending on the scope and location of the dismantle, AM KING provides services via our preferred local dismantling partners. Our projects include removal of equipment and match marked structures to enable reassembly at a new project.

Loading of Equipment

AM KING works with freight forwarders, crane companies and OEMs for equipment specific lifting protocols to safely and efficiently load out mills, crushers and equipment for trucking to mine sites or ports for sea shipping.

Preservation of Equipment

AM KING provides guidance and execution of preservation of equipment. Core activities include sand blasting/ cleaning, wire-wheeling of the flanges, preservation coatings, painting, tarping, blocking, and regular electrical/ gearbox/ bearings maintenance.

Staging of Equipment

AM KING provides guidance and execution of equipment staging of equipment and process plants. Our team works to provide storage options (indoor/ outdoor), detailed inventory, markings, and recommended layouts for the best viewing for improved sales and confidence of the equipment scope of supply.

VAT/ Taxes on Import/ Export (via our Tax Legal Partners)

AM KING provides guidance from past experiences and our preferred legal tax partners on purchase sales taxes/ VAT taxes depending on location of purchaser, origin of equipment, exporting country, importing country and timeline for dismantle and shipping.

Shipping Estimates (via our Freight Forwarder Partners)

AM KING provides trucking and shipping estimates for qualified projects from our preferred freight forwarders who have extensive experience trucking and sea shipping oversized and heavy mill and crushers.