AM KING partners with MineWater to repurpose Ore Sorting Plant in Colorado, USA

AM KING partners with MineWater to repurpose Ore Sorting Plant to support sustainability, accelerate project schedule and reduce capital equipment cost

Provided By AM King

September 15, 2023

AM King of Oroville, California USA recently brokered the sale of a 200 tph Ore Sorting System including Steinert KSS 200 (2 Meter) Ore Sorter, Grant Aggregates Transfer Conveyors, McLanahan Samplers, and Synergy Thermo Weightometers. AM KING managed the marketing, inspections, and sale of the Ore Sorter System.  

AM KING detailed the benefits of leveraging the existing Ore Sorting System versus purchasing a comparable newly manufactured system in the original proposal to MineWater:

  • Repurposing the Ore Sorting System will save MW significant capital costs (over 60% savings.)
  • Repurposing the Ore Sorting System will reduce lead time for the equipment from 12 Months (manufacture new one) to 2 Months (dismantle and shipping.)
  • Repurposing the Ore Sorting System will allow MW to commission their project 10 Months earlier than planned.Repurposing the Ore Sorting System will save countless Tons of embedded C02 compared to manufacturing a new system.
  • Repurposing the Ore Sorting System is the most sustainable option for the project. 

About MineWater’s Project

MineWater’s Joseph Harrington stated, “The ore sorting project will recover tens of millions of pounds of heavy metals for recycling thereby protecting critical water resources for downstream users.”

The project is a significant win for all parties and the circular economy – the seller of the equipment is contributing by providing surplus equipment to be repurposed and the purchaser is leveraging surplus equipment to reduce the carbon footprint, while the end project is using the equipment to clean up the waste rock more efficiently from past mining operations. 

About MineWater LLC

MineWater LLC was founded in 2016 by Joseph Harrington.  MineWater solves water issues related to mine sites, particularly arising from the mobility of dissolved heavy metals. We maintain relationships with the community, regulators, financing partners, our affiliated senior professionals and valued service providers to ensure that our proposed solutions work for all stakeholders, are implementable, and create value.

MineWater conducts in-situ and conventional water treatment at mine sites in North America. MineWater can rapidly deploy water treatment strategies at complex sites, and with its partners and affiliates can develop public-private-partnerships and other financing mechanisms to facilitate solutions.

MineWater designs unique solutions for conventional water treatment issues such as acid rock drainage, electrolyte wastes and groundwater plumes. MineWater finances much of its services including water resource development, strategic options for waste disposal and recycling, precipitation of metals and other dissolved and suspended solids (including lime and lime-based sludge handling), reverse osmosis specializing in brine disposal alternatives, and other standard and innovative strategies for water treatment.


AM KING was founded in 1979 by Albert M. King and continues today as the leading marketplace for surplus mining process equipment. AM KING provides our clients and customers with a way to sell or purchase surplus mining process equipment for projects worldwide to support their sustainability goals and afford their project world class products for every size application. AM KING’s SAMS (Surplus Asset Manager Service) provides mining operations with an efficient way to manage and sell their surplus equipment more efficiently. Customers can leverage AM KING surplus equipment offerings and benefit from:

Capital Savings – savings of 50% or greater depending on the size, lead time and current new OEM pricing.

Guaranteed Delivery Times – equipment is available to be shipped immediately, removing any chance of manufacturing delay.

Increase in NPV – ability to drastically increase NPV by speeding up project by removed long lead times delays.

Known Quality Assurance – equipment has already been manufactured and QA and MDR documentation and tests available.

OEM Support & Service – available OEM Support and Service.

Larger Capacity Potential – ability to increase process capacity if reserve quality is not what’s expected or ability to increase process capacity if reserve quality is greater than expected or to take advantage of market conditions.

AM KING has offices in USA, Australia and Europe and partners in all major mining markets.