Drive your company’s sustainability goals through AM King’s “Choose to Reuse” initiative

As a leading marketplace for surplus mining and processing equipment, AM KING has always embraced the notion of a more sustainable mining future.

Our model not only provides economic value to our customers by offering lower priced premium assets with a faster time to production, but we create a unique opportunity to positively impact the planet.

The impact of repurposing or upcycling a major process equipment:

1,250 HP (919 kW) Crusher can save over 300 Metric Tons of CO2

6,300 HP (4,750kW) SAG Mill can save over 825 Metric Tons of CO2

AM KING is proud to be a leader in assisting mining operations in supporting their ESG goals by buying and selling surplus mining equipment – repurposing equipment is key to building a more sustainable mining future.
—AM KING Sustainability Team

AM KING is transforming the surplus mining equipment market to enable a more sustainable mining future.

Circular Economy Graphic

Circular Economy


Operate your equipment


Dismantle and preserve equipment


Market and Sell


Refurbish equipment if required


Repurpose the equipment to a new operation

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