Drive your company’s sustainability goals through AM King’s “Choose to Reuse” initiative

As the leading marketplace for surplus mining and processing equipment, AMK has embraced the notion of a more sustainable mining industry for years.

Our model not only provides economic value to our customers by offering lower priced premium assets with a faster time to production, but we create a unique opportunity to positively impact the planet.

Many of our large equipment assets are unused, and nearly all of the $1 Billion in assets managed by AMK can be refurbished and reconfigured to be fit for purpose.

The impact of repurposing or upcycling a large Mill or Crusher can prevent:

  • 1,000,000 LBS of finished steel from unnecessarily being produced
  • 8.6 Million Pounds of CO2 from being released (or 3,925 Metric Tons)

The greenhouse gas emissions eliminated in this example equate to:

  • 100 cars driving 100,000 miles each
  • 4,325,347 pounds of coal being burned
  • The offset of 5,127 acres of forest

If you value a faster time to production, lower capital costs and a more sustainable future for the mining industry, please consider the purchase of an AMK asset.

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